July 29, 2011

Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Roll)

Recipe: Chee Cheong Fun (Malaysian Style)(猪肠粉)
Yield: 10 rolls (size of each roll is about 0.75" diameter x 6.5" length)


Cheong Fun Batter
  • 155g rice flour
  • ½ tsp wheat starch
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 200ml hot water
  • 330ml water (room temperature)
  • 2 tsp oil for brushing
Oil For Brushing
  • 3 TBSP vegetable oil
  • ¼ tsp sesame oil
Side Ingredients
  • fish cakes
  • fish balls
  • hot dogs (slice diagonally)
  • * Put all side ingredients into a pot of boiling water and let simmer on high heat, uncovered, until they float on top of the water surface. Fish out the ingredients, cut them into desired sizes and set aside.
Sauce Garnish
  • roasted sesame seeds
  • shallot crisps (optional)
  • chopped spring onion (optional)
Measurements: tsp = teaspoon | TBSP = tablespoon

  • 1. Mix flour and salt in a mixing bowl.
  • 2. Pour 200ml hot water into the flour mixture and whisk until incorporate.
  • 3. Gradually stir in the 330ml water. Mix evenly.
  • 4. Stir in the oil and mix well. If necessary, strain the mixture once. Set aside.
  • 5. Heat up water in steamer or wok over high heat. I use wok so I place a steamer rack in the center of a my wok and fill water level just about the height of the steamer rack.
  • 6. Lightly grease serving plate or baking pan with the oil prepared earlier.
  • 7. Give the batter a quick stir each time before use then add a thin layer of batter to the plate. I put 2 TBSP of batter each round.
  • 8. Gradually swirl and tilt the plate as close to the steaming hot heat as possible to allow batter to coat evenly and slightly coagulate by using a plate retriever tong.
  • 9. Cover steamer with lid and let it steam over high heat for 2 minutes until cheong fun is cooked.
  • 10. Cheong fun will turn transclucent white once cooked.
  • 11. Remove the plate with cooked cheong fun from steamer carefully and put another greased plate into the steamer. Let rest for about a minute before scrapping and rolling the cheong fun if you can not handle it hot.
  • 12. Lightly grease bamboo chopping board with oil.
  • 13. Loosen the edge of cheong fun by using a spatula.
  • 14. Roll cheong fun with both hands. Roll it loosely or tightly as desire.
  • 15. Roll cheong fun in 2 layers if you are making the traditional Malaysian type.
  • 16. Cover rolled cheong fun with cling wrap. Repeat step 6 to step 16 to finish the remaining batter. Add water to steamer if necessary.
  • 17. Cut cheong fun on the lightly greased chopping board. Divide cheong fun and the precooked side ingredients into serving bowls or plates. Sprinkle with some roasted sesame seeds, shallot crisps and chopped spring onion. Serve hot with sweet sauce and chili sauce.
  • Notes
  • You will need at least two right size serving plates or baking trays according to the size of your steamer.
  • To speed up the process of making chee cheong fun, use n-tiers steamer OR use 7.5-inch x 7.5-inch square pan with 5 TBSP to 5½ TBSP batter each time.
  • Do not add water to the steamer when you are in the middle of steaming cheong fun. Add before or after. Make sure water is hot boiling before you put batter into steamer.

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